Water is essential in all our lives and with the current and impending climate changes. Water engineering has become an important part of engineering and environmental consultancy. Ecotech’s water business covers all aspects of the water industry including water supply, wastewater treatment, water resources, water operations and distribution.

Ecotech is a highly skilled and knowledgeable water engineering consultancy with comprehensive experience in the design and project management of water, wastewater treatment and waste management projects in both regulated and non-regulated sectors.

We have considerable experience in delivering sustainable water solutions to a wide range of projects and clients, with our advice focusing primarily on addressing demand and re-use. Extensive knowledge and expertise is channelled into producing the most beneficial answer to these problems in order to maximise the benefit to both developers and the community. We provide sustainable, integrated solutions, whether on large, multi-disciplinary commissions or smaller projects requiring specialist expertise.

Ecotech has taken the lead in delivering environmentally sustainable management solutions. Our specialist engineers and consultants are able to produce whole life cycle solutions for water management, also have direct experience of addressing water demand and possess a thorough understanding of the challenges faced in regards to water supply and treatment in the east Africa region.