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Ecotech Limited

Who we are?

The Engineering Management &
Development Consultants.

We are multi-disciplinary consultancy firm supplying high-value consultancy, architecture, engineering, construction, environmental, program and project management services for the built and natural environments using industry best practices. We deliver high quality services through highly skilled technical consultants, providing the type of flexibility that ensures projects run smoothly.

From concept to completion, we provide clients with innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Our spread of work for both public and private sector clients is well balanced and extensive. Success for us is making a difference through quality, trust and timely delivery.




Offices around the Globe

Corporate Social Responsibility

With every project we undertake, no matter the scale, we place a core focus on protecting people and the environment, promoting local economic development, and partnering with communities and society.

One of Ecotech’s key values is that we “work to build a vibrant and brighter future for all”. We contribute through our socially responsible and sustainable approach to our projects, through our input on sustainable infrastructure in the community, as well as by imparting skills and knowledge to the communities with which we work. We are also committed to investing and allocating resources to aid development and improve quality of life of in the communities in which we live and work.

Sustainable Design

From the beginning, we have pioneered a sustainable approach to design, through work that spans the spectrum from master plans to furniture. Ecotech sustainable design comprises architects, civil/structural engineers, environmental engineers and building scientists who work closely with design architects and mechanical & electrical engineers to provide innovative green solutions, enabling them to develop an environmentally and socially responsive built environment that will help mitigate its carbon footprint, as well as overall energy and water demands.

As a company we pride ourselves on being sustainability-conscious designers and drawing on a variety of sustainability measures wherever we can, and wherever it meets our client’s requirements.